Are you passionate about Moms in the Making? Do you want to see more women receive a message of hope and encouragement? Do you want to play a role in making sure that not one women is suffering a diagnosis of infertility alone?

We want to invite you to join us in raising funds for the ministry by hosting a fundraiser on Facebook and/or Instagram. We just want to share a few guidelines.

•Make the fundraiser goal a minimum of $1,000

•Personalize the text as to WHY you are raising money. Why are you passionate about Moms in the Making?

•Share the fundraiser at least 3 times (2 leading up to Giving Day and on Giving Day).

That is all! We want to thank you for hosting a fundraiser by sharing with you a $20 credit towards ANY Moms in the Making swag in our shop…

After your fundraiser ends, please send a screenshot to MomsintheMaking@gmail.com to receive your credit.

PS. The more you raise, the more you receive. If you raise $500, we will increase our shop credit to $50. And $1,000? You will receive $100 in shop credit.