Prevent Diaper Rashes with Flanders

We are happy to have Flanders as one of our sponsors for the Moms in the Making conference. Please read what this company has to say about diaper rash. You can learn more about Flanders and their product here.

Prevent Diaper Rashes with Flanders

Diaper rash can occur from multiple reasons. Most diaper irritations are simply your baby’s delicate skin being in contact with irritating stool and urine.

Prevent, Prevent, Prevent……..when you can. The key is to keep your baby as dry as possible.
Use gentle wipes that don’t have perfume or alcohol. Some folks use plain water if even the gentlest wipes seem irritating. After you have done the wiping, it is time for one of my favorite tricks.
Take a plain tissue and tap it around your babies recently cleaned skin. Most of the time the
skin is still a bit damp and tacky feeling. The tissue will actually stick to the skin.
Your job is to tap, tap, tap, (get into all those little creases) until the Kleenex no longer sticks to
the skin at all. NOW you have a perfectly dry baby. Once baby is dry, apply a coat of your
favorite diaper rash cream. Zinc oxide and petrolatum, as well as other natural emollients help
mitigate the symptoms of diaper rash, as well as creating a physical barrier against the same
moisture culpable for the condition in the first place.

If you don’t actually need to get that diaper right back on, a few sessions of “diaper time”
throughout the day is the best thing you can do for your baby’s little butt.
Air time is helpful at preventing rashes and it is essential when it comes to clearing them up.
The next time your baby is in the office getting weighed, ask to take the protective blue pad
with you. Those are great to put your baby on during air time (They don’t protect from
spraying, alas…put a little wash cloth over your little fellows and avoid white carpet.)
Pee, pee pads from a pet store are also a good place to lay your baby for some “air time”.

Another thing I do as a preventive measure is to add a splash of apple cider vinegar to the bath
water (I don’t have an exact amount because tubs vary greatly).
Keep your baby well hydrated, concentrated urine is more irritating.

Flanders Buttocks Cream

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