I Found Hope in Our Wait

My husband and I married in July 2019. We knew we wanted children, so we started “trying” right away. But month after month, we were still not pregnant. The anxiety and disappointment overtook me, and it was hard to focus on anything other than trying to get pregnant. During this time, a friend introduced me to A Cup Full of Hope Podcast, the In Due Time devotional, and Moms in the Making. I dove into all three things to not only distract myself, but to find hope in our situation.

I started attending an in-person Moms in the Making group in March 2020. Our group was small (only three girls), but we became a close-knit circle of God-loving moms-to-be! Through the in-person group and A Cup Full of Hope podcast and In Due Time devotional, my relationship with God was strengthened and I had a sense of peace knowing that God would fulfill the promise of becoming a mother one day.

We tried for a year before the doctors would start blood work and testing. In October 2020, my husband and I both had testing done, followed by results that everything was normal. The doctors referred us to a fertility specialist, but we did not feel in our hearts that we were ready for that. Around that time, we moved into our “forever” home and on New Year’s Eve, I had a positive pregnancy test.

God’s timing is always better than what we have planned for ourselves – He fulfilled his promise of a baby knowing we are settled in our home. We had a baby boy in September 2021. I am forever grateful for Moms in the Making. My relationship with God continues to grow. I pray that all those yearning to be a mom would find grace and hope in God’s promise.


Hayley Maynard, Ohio

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